Since the external geometry of the building is various, our team will base on the architect’s design intent and the requirement such as the safety working load, height limited to tailor make the gondola to suit the building. The use of the gondola system is not only limited to external cleaning, but also for the building maintenance, such as glass replacement and the façade repairing works.

Our holdings is the Gind Exclusive distributor in Hong Kong. We have closely communication between each other, hence, we can design the gondola to fulfill the local and the international standard. Gind is using the most advance informative system in design and calculation in the market to satisfy each customers requirement. The registered professional engineers team of Gind can advise the suggestion or clarify the answer of the customers on the function and the performance of the gondola.

After the preliminary design, we will study the feasibility of the proposal with the architect to get the possible solution for the building maintenance unit.