Manufactory according to our professional design. Those our choice supplier of manufactory and supplier had awarded with ISO9001 for their work. Each of our product are manufactured under good workmanship and attains high quality standards.

Material Inspection

our company assign inspector team to the fabrication factory so as to supervise strictly raw materials and all accessories. QC in factory will check the incoming materials including the dimension, chromatic aberration, coating thickness, adhesion, rigidity and fluorocarbon coating. For glass, there are standards of dimension, chromatic aberration, flatness, and stress on tempered glass. For coated glass and insulated glass, we inspect the low-e films and dew point and air cavity depth respectively. Only qualified materials can be transferred to our storage.


Before Cutting the material, all exposed surface will be protecxted by high quality protection tapew so as to avoid any scratch occured. Therefore, we clean the materials before cutting. The tolerance of cutting material shall be control below 1mm for materials. Each batch of materials shall be ensured under quality inspection according to drawings before being transferred to the fabrication process.


Fabrication process includes cutting, milling, tapping and punching etc. Before fabricating, working tables and tools shall be cleaned so as to avoid damages. QC shall be inspected each process to ensure the quality. Materials will be displayed in numerical after inspection by QC.


Assembly is an important procedure to ensure the water tightness of curtain walls, therefore, we strictly apply sealant to the joints according to drawings to ensure the joint is tighted. The all assembly process shall be inspected by QC. When problem occured under the fabrication process, the immediately action shall be required for fixing such defect. The Non-conformity report and rectification proposal shall be issued so as to ensure the quality of product.

Sealant Application

The structural sealant which is usually used to fix glass to the frame. The application procedure shall be undergone in glazing room with constant temperature. The structural sealant shall be tested before the sealant process to ensure the quality of sealant. Before sealant appalication, the aluminum frame shall be cleaned with specialized primer. We stipulate that the place where is sealed by sealant shall be flat, glossy, smooth and free of wave strap and bubbles. In addition, the adhesive test of structural sealant shall be carried out by supplier such as Dowsil to encsure the application process is correct.

Packaging and Shipment

Before delivering completed products to the site, the product shall be completely inspected, including dimension, number, quantity, and water-tightness and etc., The completed production protection is also a key process. When the product have been completely cleaned and are free of dust, aluminum scrap, excess sealant and other sundries will be protected through packaging. At the same time, the interacting spot between aluminum materials and stillages shall be also carefully protected.